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Accommodation is one of the most important costs of any trip. In fact, it is the most important if you are a traveler who goes to mid-range or high-end hotels. Considering this, it is vital to know how to find cheap hotels or the best prices and offers for the type of accommodation you are looking for.
In this article, we will see some tips for finding cheap hotels when you travel next.

1. Travel in low season

The simplest tip is perhaps the one that will allow you to get even cheaper hotels than normal. Travel seasons are generally divided into high, low, and medium.

The high season tends to be summer (June-August) and winter (December-January) vacations. The worst weather usually accompanies the low season, but they are also the cheapest to travel. However, the best season to travel is the middle season, which is usually spring and autumn.

The middle season is perhaps the most advisable to travel both to get the cheapest prices and to be able to enjoy the destinations with the best weather and avoid crowds.

2. Check the holidays

After the season, you must check if there are no holidays or long weekends during your trip.
The most common example would be Easter. Although it is technically mid-season and would be an ideal travel season, it is also the season when more people travel, in some destinations even more than during the summer.
Easter is an international event. So, I recommend you check each destination you will travel to. If your trip coincides with a holiday, a quick Google search with words like “holidays in New Delhi” or “holidays in London” will be more than enough.
If you are unlucky enough to coincide, then try to change your itinerary or travel dates to avoid high hotel prices.

3. Reserve in advance

Booking in advance is one of the most common advice to get cheap hotels. However, I think only a few people understand why.
Unlike plane tickets, the price of hotels does not change drastically with the anticipation that you book it. In fact, the prices are already established by season and for a long time. However, booking in advance allows you to have more options to choose from.
The hotels that will sell out first will always be the good, nice and cheap ones. Ultimately, you will be left with hotels that may be out of your budget.
So now you know, if you want to get a cheap hotel that fits your budget and preferences, then book well in advance.

4. Avoid staying in the city center

I know it’s very tempting to be close to all the action, but this also means that staying in the city center or close to tourist attractions drives up hotel prices considerably.
So if you are really looking for a cheap hotel, the first thing you must sacrifice is location.

5. Have your priorities clear

If it is about reducing costs, then you need to be aware that sometimes you will have to make sacrifices of comfort to save a little.
Cheap hotels will not always have all the comforts. For example, some do not have air conditioning. The bed is hard, the bathroom is small, it does not include breakfast, they charge for WiFi, etc. It is very important that from the beginning, you are clear about whether you are willing to sacrifice and what not.
For some people, the most important thing is for the room to have air conditioning. Determining this may not help you find cheap hotels. But it will definitely help you find a hotel that fits your budget and preferences.

6. Use points from your credit cards or loyalty programs

In Canada, loyalty programs, especially credit card programs, have become increasingly popular. I recommend that you check if your bank or any companies you use frequently have a loyalty program that grants you travel benefits such as hotel nights.
Sometimes it will take a long time before you can take advantage of the benefits of these programs, but if you are patient, your effort will pay off.
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Websites To Get Cheap Hotels

Once you have seen several tips to get cheap hotels, there are several web pages that can save you a lot of money in the long term. These websites are,,, and Barcelo Hotels. These web pages give you a general idea of where to start looking for your hotel and even some interesting options. Furthermore, if you book your hotel using the secure link on this page, you will earn an exciting cash back rebate.